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As a fresh university graduate, from the date of joining SPEED Technology, you will be listed in the talent cultivation echelon of the enterprise core "Elite Program". You will gradually grow into an elite in the SPEED Technology after your graduation from school and give free play to your talents on the arena provided by SPEED.

Depending on your interests and abilities, the company will have a plan to guide you to choose the most suitable career growth and promotion path: You can choose to realize your growth value from the professional technical channel or choose to achieve your personal career ambitions through the management channel.

For newly graduated students from colleges, we will conduct a series of systematic training courses that will enable you to integrate quickly into the SPEED corporate culture and become a professional, including team integration projects, professional ABC and corporate culture courses, and a personality cultivation course that lasts for at least a month, including military training, factory internships, professional courses and production line practice, and you are equipped with a one-to-one growth mentor.

When you grow into a key employee or department head through your own efforts, we will carry out special system training for you. With a combination of face-to-face courses, executive lectures, job rotation and other training methods, we allow you to transit from managing yourself to managing others.

When you become a backbone staff, we will set up a middle-level management system training plan for you to develop your leadership skills and professional skills, so that you can make clear your role in the business operation. In addition to special training for leadership, we will gradually expand the training of professional talents in finance, manufacturing, and quality.

Based on the foundation of recognition of core values of the corporate culture of SPEED and the test of growth, with the continuous expansion of our business, you will have the opportunity to be appointed as the general of "expanding the development areas" and realize the value of self-life while promoting the company to be stronger and greater.

Recruitment Process


  • Company name
    Professional requirements
    Work Place
  • Chemical plating assistant engineer
    Chemistry, chemical engineering
    Second Manufacturing Department


    Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful and meticulous working attitude

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  • IE assistant engineer
    Industrial engineering
    Production Technical Department


    Bachelor degree, CET-4 or above, good communication and coordination ability, analytical ability, learning ability, strong sense of responsibility.

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  • Assistant Quality Engineer
    Quality Management Department


    Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful working attitude.

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